WiFi Installations

We work with WiFiMax to deliver premium quality home wifi solutions based on Ubiquiti and Grandstream WiFi access points and associated equipment. WiFiMax is NZ most experienced home wifi solution provider with thousands of installations in New Zealand so far. If you need your wifi to be extended to cover your whole house with signal or if you want your wifi extended to a sleep out or other building within your property limits, we can take care of that as well.

We cover all aspects of a large home wifi solution combined with Starlink Satellite Internet

Home WiFi Solutions

We supply equipment and install it do deliver a superior quality wifi solution for your home. Ubiquiti and Grandstream solutions support advanced feature such as multiple SSIDs, guest networks or parental control application.

Point to Point WiFi Extensions

We can extend your Starlink to reach any other building within your property limits. We use powerful relaible point to point dedicated radios to deliver wifi anywhere you want it.

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