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Starlink Satellite Dish Installation

We install your satellite dish on the roof or the wall using heavy duty galvanized brackets with stays. All work is done by experienced technicians with 15 + years experience in the satellite TV installation services.

We can install the satellite dish by using 3 types of mounts: a roof mount with 2 stays, a eave style mount with 2 stays (suitable for concrete tiles roof type) or a wall mount.

Cat6 Cable Run or Cat6 Cable extensions

We run your Starlink cable all the way from the starlink dish location to your router location inside the house. If the cable is not long enough to reach the router location, we can extend it up to 80 meters. We use high quality outdoor rated Cat6 cable for extension that supports PoE and high data transfer (Gigabit).

All Starlink dish cabling will be hidden cabling. All cable done via either wall ceiling, wall cavities or by using plastic trunking.

Setup of your Starlink and Internet Speed Testing

We will fully setup your Starlink system, configure your smartphone application and test the internet speed. Starlink deliver very fast internet service and we will make sure everything is done properly and test everything before we leave the site.

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